Follies & f*ckups

  • Nicole Gabrione

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis (MFA)


Follies & F*ckups is a comedy that both engages with and makes fun of the tropes and manners of both Jane Austen’s novels and contemporary Regency romances, such as the Bridgerton novels and television show. The goal of this thesis was to make use of all the skills I acquired during this course, specifically: meaningful characterization, appropriately motivated dialogue and speech, and satisfying plotting. My purpose was to create a play that uses laughter and jokes to both reveal the characters that speak them and delight the audience. The ultimate goal is for Follies & F*ckups to be as satisfying and enjoyable to perform as it is to watch.
Date of Award11 Jun 2024
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of St Andrews
SupervisorZinnie Harris (Supervisor)

Access Status

  • Full text open

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