Using text messages to collect quality assurance data from students on Clinical placements

Julie Struthers, Paul Irvine, Catherine Miriam Jackson

Research output: Contribution to conferencePoster


Medical students on clinical placements are taught using facilities and tutors external to the University. In order to assess the effectiveness of the placements there is a need to improve methods of collecting quality and timely feedback from students. Feedback completed by the student at the time of the placement is more likely to accurately represent any issues and allow these to be addressed before further placements take place. This study reports on a method of using mobile phone technology to collect instant, quality and detailed feedback from students on clinical placements.
Summary of work
This study compares the feedback obtained from two groups of 2nd year students . One group of students were sent a series of 5 questions by text with each response prompting the next question. The second group were sent a email directing them to web-based form to answer the identical questions.
Summary of Result
The results presented will compare the response rates for the two groups, the quality of feedback obtained and discuss the issues.
The study demonstrates that students engage with this method of supplying feedback and it can provide a useful source of timely qualitative feedback.
Take Home Message
Immediate and meaningful feedback from student placements can be obtained using text messaging
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 29 Aug 2011
EventAmee 2011 - Vienna, Austria
Duration: 28 Aug 201131 Aug 2011


ConferenceAmee 2011


  • feedback
  • quality assurance
  • text


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