The X-ray structure of N-(Acetylamino)phthalimide, an atypical triacylhydrazine

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N-(Acetylamino)phthalimide [monoclinic, a = 7.0228(15), b = 4.7285(8), c = 28.882(6) Å, β = 90.131(7)° , space group P21/c] shows an unusual crystal structure with marked pyramidalization at the phthalimide N and strong intermolecular NH to CO hydrogen bonding leading to the groups at the two ends of the hydrazine adopting an almost perpendicular arrangement. A survey of previous triacyl and tetraacyl hydrazine structures shows that both these features are unusual, with most examples being essentially planar at N and with torsion angles about the N–N bond of 63–82°.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)25-29
Number of pages5
JournalJournal of Chemical Crystallography
Issue number1
Early online date13 Nov 2013
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2014


  • N-(Acetylamino)phthalimide
  • Triacylhydrazine
  • Hydrogen bonding
  • Torsion angle


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