The VANDELS ESO public spectroscopic survey: Final data release of 2087 spectra and spectroscopic measurements

B. Garilli, R. McLure, L. Pentericci, P. Franzetti, A. Gargiulo, A. Carnall, O. Cucciati, A. Iovino, R. Amorin, M. Bolzonella, A. Bongiorno, M. Castellano, A. Cimatti, M. Cirasuolo, F. Cullen, J. Dunlop, D. Elbaz, S. Finkelstein, A. Fontana, F. FontanotM. Fumana, L. Guaita, W. Hartley, M. Jarvis, S. Juneau, D. Maccagni, D. McLeod, K. Nandra, E. Pompei, L. Pozzetti, M. Scodeggio, M. Talia, A. Calabrò, G. Cresci, J.P.U. Fynbo, N.P. Hathi, P. Hibon, A.M. Koekemoer, M. Magliocchetti, M. Salvato, G. Vietri, G. Zamorani, O. Almaini, I. Balestra, S. Bardelli, R. Begley, G. Brammer, E.F. Bell, R.A.A. Bowler, M. Brusa, F. Buitrago, C. Caputi, P. Cassata, S. Charlot, A. Citro, S. Cristiani, E. Curtis-Lake, M. Dickinson, G. Fazio, H.C. Ferguson, F. Fiore, M. Franco, A. Georgakakis, M. Giavalisco, A. Grazian, M. Hamadouche, I. Jung, S. Kim, Y. Khusanova, O. Le Fèvre, M. Longhetti, J. Lotz, F. Mannucci, D. Maltby, K. Matsuoka, H. Mendez-Hernandez, J. Mendez-Abreu, M. Mignoli, M. Moresco, M. Nonino, M. Pannella, C. Papovich, P. Popesso, G. Roberts-Borsani, D.J. Rosario, A. Saldana-Lopez, P. Santini, A. Saxena, D. Schaerer, C. Schreiber, D. Stark, L.A.M. Tasca, R. Thomas, E. Vanzella, V. Wild, C. Williams, E. Zucca

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VANDELS is an ESO Public Spectroscopic Survey designed to build a sample of high-signal-to-noise ratio, medium-resolution spectra of galaxies at redshifts between 1 and 6.5. Here we present the final Public Data Release of the VANDELS Survey, comprising 2087 redshift measurements. We provide a detailed description of sample selection, observations, and data reduction procedures. The final catalogue reaches a target selection completeness of 40% at iAB = 25. The high signal-to-noise ratio of the spectra (above 7 in 80% of the spectra) and the dispersion of 2.5 Å allowed us to measure redshifts with high precision, the redshift measurement success rate reaching almost 100%. Together with the redshift catalogue and the reduced spectra, we also provide optical mid-infrared photometry and physical parameters derived through fitting the spectral energy distribution. The observed galaxy sample comprises both passive and star forming galaxies covering a stellar mass range of 8.3 <Log(M∗/M⊙) <11.7.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberA150
Number of pages15
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics
Early online date26 Mar 2021
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2021


  • Galaxies: distances and redshifts
  • Galaxies: statistics
  • Galaxies: fundamental parameters
  • Cosmology: observations/surveys/catalogs


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