The SAMI Galaxy Survey: cubism and covariance, putting round pegs into square holes

R. Sharp, J. T. Allen, L. M. R. Fogarty, S. M. Croom, L. Cortese, A. W. Green, J. Nielsen, S. N. Richards, N. Scott, E. N. Taylor, L. A. Barnes, A. E. Bauer, M. Birchall, J. Bland-Hawthorn, J. V. Bloom, S. Brough, J. J. Bryant, G. N. Cecil, M. Colless, W. J. CouchM. J. Drinkwater, S. Driver, C. Foster, M. Goodwin, M. L. P. Gunawardhana, I. -T. Ho, E. J. Hampton, A. M. Hopkins, H. Jones, I. S. Konstantopoulos, J. S. Lawrence, S. K. Leslie, G. F. Lewis, J. Liske, Á. R. López-Sánchez, N. P. F. Lorente, R. McElroy, A. M. Medling, S. Mahajan, J. Mould, Q. Parker, M. B. Pracy, D. Obreschkow, M. S. Owers, A. L. Schaefer, S. M Sweet, A. Thomas, C. Tonini, C. J. Walcher

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We present a methodology for the regularization and combination of sparse sampled and irregularly gridded observations from fibre-optic multiobject integral field spectroscopy. The approach minimizes interpolation and retains image resolution on combining subpixel dithered data. We discuss the methodology in the context of the Sydney–AAO multiobject integral field spectrograph (SAMI) Galaxy Survey underway at the Anglo-Australian Telescope. The SAMI instrument uses 13 fibre bundles to perform high-multiplex integral field spectroscopy across a 1° diameter field of view. The SAMI Galaxy Survey is targeting ∼3000 galaxies drawn from the full range of galaxy environments. We demonstrate the subcritical sampling of the seeing and incomplete fill factor for the integral field bundles results in only a 10 per cent degradation in the final image resolution recovered. We also implement a new methodology for tracking covariance between elements of the resulting data cubes which retains 90 per cent of the covariance information while incurring only a modest increase in the survey data volume.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1551-1566
JournalMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Issue number2
Early online date20 Nov 2014
Publication statusPublished - 11 Jan 2015


  • Instrumentation: spectrographs
  • Methods: data analysis
  • Techniques: imaging spectroscopy


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    Bryant, J. J. (Creator), Owers, M. S. (Creator), Robotham, A. S. G. (Creator), Croom, S. M. (Creator), Driver, S. P. (Creator), Drinkwater, M. J. (Creator), Lorente, N. P. F. (Creator), Cortese, L. (Creator), Scott, N. (Creator), Colless, M. (Creator), Schaefer, A. (Creator), Taylor, E. N. (Creator), Konstantopoulos, I. S. (Creator), Allen, J. T. (Creator), Baldry, I. (Creator), Barnes, L. (Creator), Bauer, A. E. (Creator), Bland-Hawthorn, J. (Creator), Bloom, J. V. (Creator), Brooks, A. M. (Creator), Brough, S. (Creator), Cecil, G. (Creator), Couch, W. (Creator), Croton, D. (Creator), Davies, R. (Creator), Ellis, S. (Creator), Fogarty, L. M. R. (Creator), Foster, C. (Creator), Glazebrook, K. (Creator), Goodwin, M. (Creator), Green, A. (Creator), Gunawardhana, M. L. (Creator), Hampton, E. (Creator), Ho, I. (Creator), Hopkins, A. M. (Creator), Kewley, L. (Creator), Lawrence, J. S. (Creator), Leon-Saval, S. G. (Creator), Leslie, S. (Creator), McElroy, R. (Creator), Lewis, G. (Creator), Liske, J. (Creator), Lopez-Sanchez, A. R. (Creator), Mahajan, S. (Creator), Medling, A. M. (Creator), Metcalfe, N. (Creator), Meyer, M. (Creator), Mould, J. (Creator), Obreschkow, D. (Creator), O'Toole, S. (Creator), Pracy, M. (Creator), Richards, S. N. (Creator), Shanks, T. (Creator), Sharp, R. (Creator), Sweet, S. M. (Creator), Thomas, A. D. (Creator), Tonini, C. (Creator) & Walcher, C. J. (Creator), SAMI Survey Team, 1 Mar 2015


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