The "Maggie" filament: physical properties of a giant atomic cloud

J. Syed, J. D. Soler, H. Beuther, Y. Wang, S. Suri, J. D. Henshaw, M. Riener, S. Bialy, S. Rezaei Kh, J. M. Stil, P. F. Goldsmith, M. R. Rugel, S. C. O. Glover, R. S. Klessen, J. Kerp, J. S. Urquhart, J. Ott, N. Roy, N. Schneider, R. J. SmithS. N. Longmore, H. Linz

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    Syed, J. (Creator), Soler, J. D. (Creator), Beuther, H. (Creator), Wang, Y. (Creator), Suri, S. (Creator), Henshaw, J. D. (Creator), Riener, M. (Creator), Bialy, S. (Creator), KhS., R. (Creator), Stil, J. M. (Creator), Goldsmith, P. F. (Creator), Rugel, M. R. (Creator), Glover, S. C. O. (Creator), Klessen, R. S. (Creator), Kerp, J. (Creator), Urquhart, J. S. (Creator), Ott, J. (Creator), Roy, N. (Creator), Schneider, N. (Creator), Smith, R. J. (Creator), Longmore, S. N. (Creator) & Linz, H. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2021