The Herschel-ATLAS Data Release 1 – II. Multi-wavelength counterparts to submillimetre sources

N. Bourne, L. Dunne, S. J. Maddox, S. Dye, C. Furlanetto, C. Hoyos, D. J. B. Smith, S. Eales, M. W. L. Smith, E. Valiante, M. Alpaslan, E. Andrae, I. K. Baldry, M. E. Cluver, A. Cooray, S. P. Driver, J. S. Dunlop, M. W. Grootes, R. J. Ivison, T. H. JarrettJ. Liske, B. F. Madore, C. C. Popescu, A. G. Robotham, K. Rowlands, M. Seibert, M. A. Thompson, R. J. Tuffs, S. Viaene, A. H. Wright

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  • Herschel ATLAS ( H-ATLAS): Data Release 1

    Bourne, N. (Creator), Dunne, L. (Creator), Maddox (S J Maddox), S. J. (Creator), Dye, S. (Creator), Furlanetto (C Furlanetto), C. (Creator), Hoyos, C. (Creator), Smith, D. J. B. (Creator), Eales, S. (Creator), Smith, M. W. L. (Creator), Valiante, E. (Creator), Alpaslan, M. (Creator), Andrae, E. (Creator), Baldry (I K Baldry), I. K. (Creator), Cluver, M. E. (Creator), Cooray, A. (Creator), Driver, S. P. (Creator), Dunlop, J. S. (Creator), Grootes, M. W. (Creator), Ivison, R. J. (Creator), Jarrett, T. H. (Creator), Liske, J. (Creator), Madore, B. F. (Creator), Popescu (C C Popescu), C. C. (Creator), Robotham, A. G. (Creator), Rowlands, K. E. (Creator), Seibert, M. (Creator), Thompson, M. A. (Creator), Tuffs (R J Tuffs), R. J. (Creator), Viaene, S. (Creator) & Wright, A. H. (Creator), Herschel ATLAS, 21 Oct 2016