Synthesis, structure, and electrochemical properties of some cobalt oxalates

Jinghua Cai, Yuanqi Lan, Haiyan He, Xinyuan Zhang, A. Robert Armstrong, Wenjiao Yao, Philip Lightfoot, Yongbing Tang

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Transition-metal oxalates have wide applications in magnetics, photoemission, electrochemistry, etc. Herein, using hydrothermal reactions, five cobalt(II) oxalates, Na2Co2(C2O4)3·2H2O (I), Na2Co(C2O4)2·8H2O (II), KLi3Co(C2O4)3 (III), Li4Co(C2O4)3 (IV), and (NH4)2Co2(C2O4)F4 (V) have been synthesized, and their structures are determined from single-crystal X-ray diffraction or Rietveld refinement of powder X-ray diffraction data. Notably, IV and V are identified for the first time. The structures of these cobalt oxalates are versatile, covering 0D, 1D, 2D, and 3D frameworks, while the coordination environments of Co2+ centers are uniquely distorted octahedra. As representative examples, I and III are investigated as cathode materials for secondary batteries. Both exhibited electrochemical activity despite large cell polarization. The present study enriches the transition-metal oxalate family and provides new options for energy storage materials.
Original languageEnglish
JournalInorganic Chemistry
VolumeArticles ASAP
Early online date16 Nov 2020
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 16 Nov 2020


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