Probing the structural state of Y and Nd in eudialyte using X-ray absorption spectroscopy

Anouk Margaretha Borst, Platon Gamaletsos, Adrian Anthony Finch, Nicola Jane Horsburgh, Henrik Friis, Takeshi Kasama, Joerg Goettlicher, Ralph Steiniger, Kalotina Gerakis

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  • Coordination State of Metals in Mineral Systems

    Borst, A. M. (Creator), Finch, A. A. (Creator), Friis, H. (Creator), Horsburgh, N. (Creator), Gamaletsos, P. (Creator), Goettlicher, J. (Creator), Steininger, R. (Creator), Geraki, K. (Creator), Smith, M. P. (Creator), Estrade, G. (Creator), Villanova-de-Benavent, C. (Creator), Nason, P. (Creator), Marquis, E. (Creator), Goodenough, K. M. (Creator), Xu, C. (Creator) & Kynicky, J. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 10 Aug 2020