Principles for the conservation of wild living resources

M Mangel, L M Talbot, G K Meffe, M T Agardy, D L Alverson, J Barlow, D B Botkin, G Budowski, T Clark, J Cooke, R H Crozier, P K Dayton, D L Elder, C W Fowler, S Funtowicz, J Giske, R J Hofman, S J Holt, S R Kellert, L A KimballD Ludwig, K Magnusson, B S Malayang, C Mann, E A Norse, S P Northridge, W F Perrin, C Perrings, R M Peterman, G B Rabb, H A Regier, J E Reynolds, K Sherman, M P Sissenwine, T D Smith, A Starfield, R J Taylor, M F Tillman, C Toft, J R Twiss, J Wilen, T P Young

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