Peripherien: Neue Beiträge zur Europäischen und Globalgeschichte

Translated title of the contribution: Peripheries : New Contributions to European and Global History

Bernhard Struck, Jakob Vogel (Editor), Martin Lengwiler (Editor), Ulrike Lindner (Editor), Christof Dejung (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportBook


The series “Peripheries” seeks to renew ongoing debates revolving around European and global history. It applies transnational, postcolonial and global perspectives and approaches such as the concept of circulation in order to embed European history within a global world. The series engages with alleged peripheral themes and places within and beyond Europe during early and late modernity.

Peripheries (real and imagined, thematic and spatial) of European history offer innovative perspectives on otherwise familiar topics. Peripheries and border zones allow to decentre, recentre, and reimagine traditional historiographical narratives on European modernity. These include themes such as industrialisation, urbanisation, democratisation. The series offers novel ways beyond methodological nationalism. As such it (or: “Peripheries”) seeks to decentre and provicialise European history.
Translated title of the contributionPeripheries : New Contributions to European and Global History
Original languageGerman
Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2016


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