Overview of on-going LIL experiments

L. Videau, E. Alozy, I. Bailly, N. Borisenko, J. Y. Boutin, J. Breil, S. Brygoo, M. Casanova, A. Casner, L. Chauvel, C. Chenais-Popovics, C. Courtois, S. Darbon, S. Depierreux, J. M. Di-Nicola, P. Di-Nicola, F. Durut, A. Duval, J. Ebrardt, J. L. FeugeasC. Fourment, S. Gary, J. C. Gauthier, M. Grech, O. Henry, A. Herve, S. Hulin, S. Huller, G. Huser, J. P. Jadaud, F. Jequier, Ch Labaune, J. Limpouch, P. Loiseau, O. Lutz, P. H. Maire, M. Mangeant, C. Meyer, D. T. Michel, J. L. Miquel, M. C. Monteil, M. Naudy, W. Nazarov, Ph Nicolai, O. Peyrusse, F. Philippe, D. Raffestin, C. Reverdin, G. Riazuello, Ph Romary, R. Rosch, C. Rousseaux, G. Soullie, S. Schmitt, G. Schurtz, Ch Stenz, V. Tassin, F. Thais, C. Thessieux, G. Thiell, M. Theobald, V. Tikhonchuk, J. L. Ulmer, B. Villette, F. Wagon, R. Wrobel

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The Ligne d'Integration Laser (LIL) facility has been designed as a prototype for the Laser MegaJoule (LMJ) which is a cornerstone of the French 'Simulation Program'. This laser has been intensively used to test and improve the LMJ components. In addition, a large panel of plasma diagnostics has been installed and is currently used to perform laser-plasma experiments. After a brief discussion about the LIL design, we present the last results in various plasma physics domains.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages8
JournalPlasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2008




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