Our new view of the solar corona from Yohkoh and Soho

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The Yohkoh satellite has now been orbiting the Earth for about 6 years and during this time it has revealed a number of new features in the solar corona. These include the discovery of X-ray jets and active region transient brightenings, as well as observations of hard X-ray sources above and at the feet of soft X-ray flare loops. SOHO, the newest solar space mission, is not orbiting the Earth, but is in fact orbiting the Sun and has been at the Earth's L1 point for about 2 years. During this time it too has identified some new and interesting characteristics of both the solar corona, the photosphere and the solar interior. For example, studies of high resolution MDI/SOHO magnetograms indicate that the magnetic carpet may play an important role in the heating of the coronal. Also polar plume studies from EIT/SOHO data suggest that they may be a possible source for the fast solar wind.

Together these two missions have dominated solar research throughout the 90s and are expected to continue to do so during the rise from solar minimum to the next solar maximum.

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JournalAstrophysics and Space Science
Publication statusPublished - 1998


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