Non-equilibrium of magnetic flux tubes emerging into the solar corona

VD Kuznetsov, Alan William Hood

Research output: Other contribution

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A lack of equilibrium of twisted magnetic flux tubes emerging from the photosphere into the corona is considered. Assuming mass and flux conservation in the tube and an isothermal tube that is in thermal equilibrium with the surrounding plasma, it is shown that a sufficently rapid temperature increase through the transition zone may lead to the loss of magnetohydrostatic equilibrium of the emerging flux tube due to the enhancement of the plasma pressure inside the tube. The non-equilibrium leads to a rapid expansion of the tube to reach a new equilibrium state. The rise and expansion of the tube before and after the non-equilibrium are accompanied by an increase in the twist of the magnetic field. This may lead to the field exceeding the threshold for the onset of the kink instability and a subsequent explosive release of magnetic energy.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Mar 1997




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