Multi-wave coherent control of a solid-state single emitter

F. Fras, Q. Mermillod, G. Nogues, C. Hoarau, C. Schneider, M. Kamp, Sven Höfling, W. Langbein, J. Kasprzak

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Coherent control of individual two-level systems (TLSs) is at the basis of any implementation of quantum information. An impressive level of control is now achieved using nuclear, vacancies and charge spins. Manipulation of bright exciton transitions in semiconductor quantum dots (QDs) is less advanced, principally due to the sub-nanosecond dephasing. Conversely, owing to their robust coupling to light, one can apply tools of nonlinear spectroscopy to achieve all-optical command. Here, we report on the coherent manipulation of an exciton via multi-wave mixing. Specifically, we employ three resonant pulses driving a single InAs QD. The first two induce a four-wave mixing (FWM) transient, which is projected onto a six-wave mixing (SWM) depending on the delay and area of the third pulse, in agreement with analytical predictions. Such a switch enables to demonstrate the generation of SWM on a single emitter and to engineer the spectro-temporal shape of the coherent response originating from a TLS. These results pave the way toward multi-pulse manipulations of solid state qubits via implementing the NMR-like control schemes in the optical domain.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)155-158
Number of pages4
JournalNature Photonics
Early online date15 Feb 2016
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2016


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