Momentum-resolved linear dichroism in bilayer MoS2

Klara Volckaert, Habib Rostami, Deepnarayan Biswas, Igor Markovic, Federico Andreatta, Charlotte Sanders, Paulina Majchrzak, Cephise Cacho, Richard T. Chapman, Adam Wyatt, Emma Springate, Daniel Lizzit, Luca Bignardi, Silvano Lizzit, Sanjoy Mahatha, Marco Bianchi, Nicola Lanata, Phil King, Jill A. Miwa, Alexander BalatskyPhilip Hofmann, Søren Ulstrup

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In solid state photoemission experiments it is possible to extract information about the symmetry and orbital character of the electronic wave functions via the photoemission selection rules that shape the measured intensity. This approach can be expanded in a pump-probe experiment where the intensity contains additional information about interband excitations induced by an ultrafast laser pulse with tunable polarization. Here, we find an unexpected strong linear dichroism effect (up to 42.4%) in the conduction band of bilayer MoS2, when measuring energy- and momentum-resolved snapshots of excited electrons by time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. We model the polarization-dependent photoemission intensity in the transiently-populated conduction band using the semiconductor Bloch equations. Our theoretical analysis reveals a strongly anisotropic momentum-dependence of the optical excitations due to intralayer single-particle hopping, which explains the observed linear dichroism.
Original languageEnglish
Article number241406(R)
JournalPhysical Review. B, Condensed matter and materials physics
Publication statusPublished - 12 Dec 2019


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  • Momentum-resolved linear dichroism in bilayer MoS2 (dataset)

    Volckaert, K. (Creator), Rostami, H. (Creator), Biswas, D. (Creator), Markovic, I. (Creator), Andreatta, F. (Creator), Sanders, C. (Creator), Majchrzak, P. (Creator), Cacho, C. (Creator), Chapman, R. (Creator), Wyatt, A. (Creator), Springate, E. (Creator), Lizzit, D. (Creator), Bignardi, L. (Creator), Lizzit, S. (Creator), Mahatha, S. (Creator), Bianchi, M. (Creator), Lanata, N. (Creator), King, P. (Creator), Miwa, J. (Creator), Balatsky, A. (Creator), Hofmann, P. (Creator) & Ulstrup, S. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 7 Jan 2020



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