Margaret Harkness, W. T. Stead, and the transatlantic social gospel network

Helena Goodwyn

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This chapter examines how Harkness and her contemporary W. T. Stead navigated the position of journalists with an activist agenda in a transatlantic market for socially engaged publications. It explores the extent to which both Harkness and Stead made use of the ‘rhetoric of progressive Protestantism’ across the generic categories of their writing: realist fiction, activist journalism, and critical travel writing. In examining the ‘clash between socialist and evangelical rhetoric’ in the context of emerging ‘modern marketing methods’, the chapter exposes the problems inherent in labels of ideological inconsistency as applied on gendered terms.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationMargaret Harkness
Subtitle of host publicationwriting social engagement, 1880-1921
EditorsFlore Janssen, Lisa Robertson
Place of PublicationManchester
PublisherManchester University Press
Number of pages17
ISBN (Electronic)9781526123527
ISBN (Print)9781526123503
Publication statusPublished - May 2019

Publication series

NameInterventions: rethinking the nineteenth century


  • Margaret Harkness
  • W. T. Stead
  • Realist fiction
  • Activist journalism
  • Critical travel writing


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