Intramolecularly group 15 stabilized aryltellurenyl halides and triflates

Truong Giang Do, Emanuel Hupf, Andreas Nordheider, Enno Lork, Alexandra Martha Zoya Slawin, Sergey G. Makarov, Sergey Yu. Ketkov, Stefan Mebs, J Derek Woollins, Jens Beckman

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The preparation of a series of functionalized peri-substituted acenaphthyl compounds 6-Ph2E-Ace-5-Br (1, E = As; 2, E = Sb), 6-Ph2As-Ace-5-TeMes (3), 5-I-Ace-6-TeMes (4), 6-Ph2Sb-Ace-5-TeMes (5), (6-Ph2P-Ace-5)2Te (6), [6-R2E-Ace-5-Te]X (7, E = P, R = Ph, X = Cl; 8, E = P, R = i-Pr, X = Cl; 9, E = P, R = i-Pr, X = Br; 10, E = P, R = i-Pr, X = I; 11, E = P, R = i-Pr, X = ½ (TeI6); 12, E = P, R = i-Pr, X = I3; 13, E = P, R = Ph, X = O3SCF3; 14, E = As, R = Ph, X = O3SCF3; 15, E = Sb, R = Ph, X = O3SCF3) and [6-PhSb-Ace-5-TeMes]O3SCF3 (16) was reported (Ace = acenaphthyl). The synthesis of 7-15 was either achieved by salt metathesis reaction of 5-i-Pr2P-Ace-6-Li with TeCl2∙TMTU (8), TeBr2∙TMTU (9) and TeI4 (10 + 11) or by the aryl cleavage reaction of 6-R2E-Ace-5-TeMes (E = P, As, Sb; R = Ph, i-Pr) with HgCl2 (7), I2 (12) and HO3SCF3 (13-15). The reaction of 5 with triflic acid gave also rise to the formation of [6-PhSb-Ace-5-TeMes]O3SCF3 (16). All compounds have been characterized by multinuclear NMR spectroscopy and single crystal X-ray diffraction. Complementary DFT studies including relaxed potential energy scans (PES) and subsequent topological analysis of the resulting electron and pair densities according to the AIM and ELI-D partitioning schemes are performed for the aryltellurenyl chlorides [6-Ph2P-Ace-5-Te]Cl, [8-Me2N-Nap-1-Te]Cl and [8-Me2P-Nap-1-Te]Cl in the gas phase and in MeCN solution, whereby the Te-Cl distances were systematically varied. The same analyses were carried out for the fully optimized [6-R2E-Ace-5-Te]+ cations (E = P, As, Sb) and compared to those of the previously studied intermolecularly stabilized [R3ETeMes]+ cations (E = P, As, Sb).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)5341–5360
Issue number21
Early online date28 Oct 2015
Publication statusPublished - 9 Nov 2015


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