Great War Dundee Featuring Ragtime Soldier

Derek John Patrick, Philip Vaughan, Chris Murray, William Kenefick, Iain Donald, Fiona Sinclair, Pat Mills, Gary Welsh, Calum Laird, Elliot Balson, Hailey Austin, Erin Keepers, Anna Morozova, Ian Kennedy

Research output: Other contribution


Chris Murray (Editor), Phillip Vaughan (Editor), Billy Kenefick (Contributing member), Hailey J. Austin (Contributing member), Calum Laird (Contributing member), Gary Welsh (Contributing member), Pat Mills (Contributing member), Anna Morozova (Contributing member), Ian Kennedy (Contributing member), Erin Keepers (Contributing member), Elliot Balson (Contributing member), Iain Donald (Contributing member), Fiona Sinclair (Contributing member), Derek Patrick (Contributing member).

The comic is part of a Heritage Lottery funded project about Great War Dundee and the strip will coincide with the end of the project. The launch will be at the V&A Dundee on Friday 20th September. Pat will be the guest of honour.It will kick off around lunchtime and there will be talks and a keynote by Pat. The Commando comic team have also agreed to participate. It’s an all ages event/comic and we are looking to highlight some unknown (or unpublicised) stories about WW1. This is why we approached Pat for the Ragtime script: we wanted to have a Charley’s War vibe to the lead comic strip. We are looking to expand the 11 pager to a full graphic novel at a later date and are currently looking at other funding streams. There will be other backup strips in the Great War Dundee comic, which will be given away free at the event, and also an extensive ‘making of’ section at the backend, as Pat’s research and development is second to none.Artist Ian Kennedy has agreed to provide the front cover.Phil Vaughan and Chris Murray at the University of Dundee are acting as editors for the publication, which we will print and publish through the university's imprint UniVerse, but we are looking to get it to as wide an audience as possible, so there will also be a free PDF version available to download.
Original languageEnglish
Media of outputComic
Number of pages31
Publication statusPublished - 20 Sept 2019


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