GaSb/AlAsSb resonant tunneling diodes with GaAsSb emitter prewells

Andreas Pfenning, Georg Knebl, Fabian Hartmann, Robert Weih, Manuel Meyer, Andreas Bader, Monika Emmerling, Lukas Worschech, Sven Höfling

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We investigate the electronic transport properties of GaSb/AlAsSb double barrier resonant tunneling diodes with pseudomorphically grown ternary GaAsxSb1-x emitter prewells over a broad temperature range. At room temperature, resonant tunneling is observed and the peak to valley current ratio (PVCR) is enhanced with increasing As mole fraction from 1.88 (GaAs0.07Sb0.93 prewell), to 2.08 (GaAs0.09Sb0.91 prewell) up to 2.36 (GaAs0.11Sb0.89 prewell). The rise in PVCR is attributed to an enhanced carrier density at the Γ-valley within the emitter prewell. On the contrary at cryogenic temperatures, increasing the As mole fractions reduces the PVCR. At a temperature of T = 4.2 K, reference samples without incorporation of an emitter prewell containing As show PVCRs up to 20.4. We attribute the reduced PVCR to a degraded crystal quality of the resonant tunneling structure caused by As incorporation and subsequently an enhanced defect scattering at the interfaces.

Original languageEnglish
Article number171104
JournalApplied Physics Letters
Publication statusPublished - 26 Oct 2017


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