Ferroelectric photovoltaic properties in doubly substituted (Bi0.9La0.1)(Fe0.97Ta0.03)O3 thin films

R. K. Katiyar, Y. Sharma, D. Barrionuevo, S. Kooriyattil, S. P. Pavunny, J. S. Young, G. Morell, B. R. Weiner, R. S. Katiyar, James Floyd Scott

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Doubly substituted [Bi0.9La0.1][Fe0.97Ta0.03]O3 (BLFTO) films were fabricated on Pt/TiO2/SiO2/Si substrates by pulsed laser deposition. The ferroelectric photovoltaic properties of ZnO:Al/BLFTO/Pt thin film capacitor structures were evaluated under white light illumination. The open circuit voltage and short circuit current density were observed to be ∼0.20 V and ∼1.35 mA/cm2, respectively. The band gap of the films was determined to be ∼2.66 eV, slightly less than that of pure BiFeO3 (2.67 eV). The PVproperties of BLFTO thin films were also studied for various pairs of planar electrodes in different directions in polycrystalline thin films.
Original languageEnglish
Article number082903
Number of pages4
JournalApplied Physics Letters
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 23 Feb 2015


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