English language teacher preparation

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English language teacher preparation has a relatively short history in Scotland’s universities. This chapter outlines some of the contributions made by Scottish institutions and academics to English language teaching globally, including during the very early stages of English becoming a global language. Commercial influences on English language teacher education are outlined as an explanation for why programmes diverged from Initial Teacher Education (ITE) provision from the 1960s, including pressure from short-course teacher education and rising precarity of English language teachers. This chapter concludes with some encouraging work from foreign language teaching and Gaelic-Medium instruction, showing how English language teacher education may be able to rebuild connections to ITE to engage with the contemporary linguistic diversity in Scotland’s classrooms.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationTeacher preparation in Scotland
EditorsRachel Shanks
Place of PublicationBingley
PublisherEmerald Group Publishing Ltd.
Number of pages14
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Publication statusPublished - 25 Sept 2020

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NameEmerald studies in teacher preparation in national and global contexts


  • Bilingual instruction
  • Commercial teacher education
  • English language teaching
  • Language learning
  • Short-course teacher education
  • Teacher education for overseas teachers TESOL english as an additional language


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