Dynamics and resilience of the unconventional charge density wave in ScV6Sn6 bilayer kagome metal

Manuel Tuniz, Armando Consiglio, Denny Puntel, Chiara Bigi, Stefan Enzner, Ganesh Pokharel, Pasquale Orgiani, Wibke Bronsch, Fulvio Parmigiani, Vincent Polewczyk, Phil D. C. King, Justin W. Wells, Ilija Zeljkovic, Pietro Carrara, Giorgio Rossi, Jun Fujii, Ivana Vobornik, Stephen D. Wilson, Ronny Thomale, Tim WehlingGiorgio Sangiovanni, Giancarlo Panaccione, Federico Cilento, Domenico Di Sante, Federico Mazzola

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Long-range electronic ordering descending from a metallic parent state constitutes a rich playground to study the interplay of structural and electronic degrees of freedom. In this framework, kagome metals are in the most interesting regime where both phonon and electronically mediated couplings are significant. Several of these systems undergo a charge density wave transition. However, to date, the origin and the main driving force behind this charge order is elusive. Here, we use the kagome metal ScV6Sn6 as a platform to investigate this problem, since it features both a kagome-derived nested Fermi surface and van-Hove singularities near the Fermi level, and a charge-ordered phase that strongly affects its physical properties. By combining time-resolved reflectivity, first principles calculations and photo-emission experiments, we identify the structural degrees of freedom to play a fundamental role in the stabilization of charge order, indicating that ScV6Sn6 features an instance of charge order predominantly originating from phonons.
Original languageEnglish
Article number103
Number of pages8
JournalCommunications Materials
Publication statusPublished - 4 Dec 2023


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