Driving the transition to a resilient and inclusive future: the role of the ocean and policy coherence

Lucy Greenhill, Christopher Douglas Bazett Leakey, Dani Diz

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The rich discussions supported through these workshops raised wide-ranging insights into the issues of policy coherence, demonstrating the complexity of the challenge, but also the wealth of knowledge and expertise that exists across Scotland’s marine community to support progress. This report is intended to provide a reference to support action, further collaboration and research to advance policy coherence and understanding the role of the ocean across multiple policy goals. In line with the aims of Scottish Universities Insights Institute (SUII), we aim to support the development of a community of practice, linking academia to the policy and practice, and understanding pathways to impact for research.

The progress towards policy coherence and sustainable development in Scottish Government is evident, with the ‘guiding light’ of the National Performance Framework (NPF), steering activities across all Government activities, within the context of the SDGs, as well as on-going development within Scottish Government to better co-ordinate across policy areas in achieving overall aims for society. On the marine side, the action being taken by Scottish Government in development of the Blue Economy Action Plan, initiated as this SUII programme was underway, is highly relevant to pursuing policy coherence and integrating marine policy with broader policy themes including the Just Transition, the circular economy and achieving sustainable economic growth. Ensuring effective engagement and contribution of science to these processes is essential.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherScottish Universities Insight Institute
Number of pages27
Publication statusPublished - 23 Apr 2021


  • Policy
  • Ocean
  • Marine
  • Science and government
  • Seafood


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