Differential dust attenuation in CALIFA galaxies

N. Vale Asari, R. Cid Fernandes, A. L. Amorim, E. A. D. Lacerda, M. Schlickmann, V. Wild, R. C. Kennicutt

Research output: Contribution to conferencePoster


Dust attenuation has long been treated as a simple parameter in SED fitting. Real galaxies are, however, much more complicated: The measured dust attenuation is not a simple function of the dust optical depth, but depends strongly on galaxy inclination and the relative distribution of stars and dust. We study the nebular and stellar dust attenuation in CALIFA galaxies, and propose some empirical recipes to make the dust treatment more realistic in spectral synthesis codes. By adding optical recombination emission lines, we find better constraints for differential attenuation. Those recipes can be applied to unresolved galaxy spectra, and lead to better recovered star formation rates.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2016
EventThe Interplay Between Local and Global Processes in Galaxies - Cozumel, Mexico
Duration: 11 Apr 201615 Apr 2016


ConferenceThe Interplay Between Local and Global Processes in Galaxies
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  • Galaxies: evolution
  • H II regions
  • Interstellar medium: dust
  • Extinction


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