Comprehensive evaluation of CAZyme prediction tools in fungal and bacterial species

Emma Elizabeth Mary Hobbs, Tracey Gloster, Sean Chapman, Leighton Pritchard

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Carbohydrate Active enZymes (CAZymes) are pivotal in pathogen recognition,
signalling, structure and energy metabolism. CAZy is the most comprehensive
CAZyme database, cataloguing CAZymes into sequence-based CAZy families.
The CAZyme prediction tools dbCAN, CUPP and eCAMI annotate
CAZymes with CAZy families. However, these tools have not been independently
evaluated on a common high-quality dataset. Additionally, previous evaluations
did not evaluate the binary classification of CAZymes/non-CAZymes, and the
multilabel classification of CAZymes to multiple CAZy families.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 26 Apr 2021
EventMicrobiology Society Annual Conference -
Duration: 26 Apr 202130 Apr 2021


ConferenceMicrobiology Society Annual Conference
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  • CAZymes
  • dbCAN
  • CUPP
  • eCAMI
  • CAZyme prediction
  • CAZy


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