Collective magnetism in an artificial 2D XY spin system

Naëmi Leo, Stefan Holenstein, Dominik Schildknecht, Oles Sendetskyi, Hubertus Luetkens, Peter M. Derlet, Valerio Scagnoli, Diane Lançon, José R. L. Mardegan, Thomas Prokscha, Andreas Suter, Zaher Salman, Stephen Lee, Laura J. Heyderman

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Two-dimensional magnetic systems with continuous spin degrees of freedom exhibit a rich spectrum of thermal behaviour due to the strong competition between fluctuations and correlations. When such systems incorporate coupling via the anisotropic dipolar interaction, a discrete symmetry emerges, which can be spontaneously broken leading to a low-temperature ordered phase. However, the experimental realisation of such two-dimensional spin systems in crystalline materials is difficult since the dipolar coupling is usually much weaker than the exchange interaction. Here we realise two-dimensional magnetostatically coupled XY spin systems with nanoscale thermally active magnetic discs placed on square lattices. Using low-energy muon-spin relaxation and soft X-ray scattering, we observe correlated dynamics at the critical temperature and the emergence of static long-range order at low temperatures, which is compatible with theoretical predictions for dipolar-coupled XY spin systems. Furthermore, by modifying the sample design, we demonstrate the possibility to tune the collective magnetic behaviour in thermally active artificial spin systems with continuous degrees of freedom.
Original languageEnglish
Article number2850
Number of pages8
JournalNature Communications
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 20 Jul 2018


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