Collaboration for Prescribing Improvement - promoting interprofessional clinical audit teaching in a primary care environment.

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Introduction. Agents of Change is a unique part of the ScotGEM programme tailored to meet the future needs of the NHS, focussing on rural medicine and healthcare improvement. First year students complete a group-prescribing project to produce a useful clinical audit promoting patient safety and quality improvement (QI). The development and delivery of these projects is supported through interprofessional collaboration with primary care teams in NHS Fife. This method of education delivery enables students to learn the value of clinical audit whilst appreciating the importance of collaborative working to bring about change in health care delivery.
Methods National Therapeutic Indicators identify priority areas across Scotland, then doctors, pharmacists, practice staff, and medical students select appropriate projects unique for each general practice. Scottish Therapeutics Utility tool were used to extract data. Teaching and supervision of the audits was through academics, generalist clinical mentors, pharmacy staff and healthcare teams.
Results/Discussion 60 prescribing audits have been completed over the previous four years of the ScotGEM course, producing outcomes that meet the needs of pharmaceutical care and NHS priorities. Audit is often the first step in quality improvement and students can build on skills and knowledge acquired through this learning to develop independent QI projects. This provides an opportunity to understand other healthcare professionals’ roles, collaborative working, peer teaching and make a meaningful contribution to patient care. Audit topics were selected to support national and local patient safety priorities and include sustainable and responsible prescribing goals.
Conclusion. By developing a sustainable method of integrated medical education we now have a portfolio of prescribing audits used to improve prescribing and optimise patient safety. Effective collaboration with NHS Fife has allowed for integration of students in the primary care team, facilitating peer learning, sharing best practice and promoting the 4 pillars of advanced clinical practice.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationNES Annual Virtual Conference 2023 Collaboration for Improvement
Publication statusPublished - 27 Apr 2023


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