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Groups named Burgundians are attested in Roman accounts of Eastern Europe from the first century bce, and, by the second century ce, Burgundians are attested on the Roman Rhineland frontiers. The best-attested Burgundians are the barbarian group that were settled near Lake Geneva in a region of Gaul named Sapaudia in the fifth century ce, and extended their hegemony down the Rhone valley. Burgundian territorial control diminished during the rules of Gundobad and Sigismund before the last ruler, Godomar, was deposed by the Franks in 534. Relationships between these Burgundian groups are debated, as is the veracity of their reception in later epics.
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  • 250-500 CE
  • %00-999 CE
  • Gudobad
  • Late antiquity
  • Nations and peoples
  • Roman Empire
  • Völkerwanderung


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