Brahe i Kepler : el misteri d'una mort inesperada

Translated title of the contribution: A New Light in the Sky

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A New Light in the Sky
There was a time when new stars lighted up the sky and comets appeared, foreboding horrors to come. When astrologers and alchemists ruled in European courts and science was intertwined with power and politics.

Prague, 1601. Under the emperor’s protection, two men are working together to unravel the mysteries of the Universe. One of them is the famous and powerful astronomer, Tycho Brahe. The other is his student, an obscure and very intelligent young mathematician named Johannes Kepler. When Brahe dies under strange circumstances, Nat, a mysterious young healer, investigates the causes of his death with the utmost desire to prove her own innocence. However, she is not alone. An enigmatic alchemist tries to help her, and Nat will find herself playing a game of love and mistrust.
Translated title of the contributionA New Light in the Sky
Original languageCatalan
Place of PublicationBarcelona
Number of pages222
ISBN (Print)9788483431511
Publication statusPublished - 2011


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