AMEE 2010 - Secrets of Success: Using text messaging for successful feedback

Julie Struthers, Paul Irvine, Catherine Miriam Jackson

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Short description of innovation
In order to alert the School to early problems in student placements and allow time to quickly act upon these it is essential that students are encouraged to provide prompt feedback.
A pilot project using third party text messaging service as an option for collecting feedback from students on GP placements was completed. This innovative project tested whether the use of text messages to request feedback achieved sufficient return rates and provided worthwhile information.

After their placement, students were sent a series of 4 questions by text with each response prompting the next question. The project evaluated the response rate, the ease of use of the system, quality of feedback received and compared this with online data collection.
What will be demonstrated?
We plan to demonstrate the method used, how the questions were structured and discuss the value of the data returned. There will be further discussions on administrating the process, the costs, how we processed the data returned and ideas to extend usage.
What is particularly interesting about the innovation/ How it could be implemented?
The results of the pilot provides us with an interesting platform to lead a discussion on staff and student views on the potential and success of using text messaging as an early feedback alert of any major concerns in placements.
Why participants should come to the demonstration
To discuss innovative ways of collecting quality and timely feedback from students.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 7 Sept 2010


  • text
  • SMS
  • feedback


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