Agritourism from the perspective of providers and visitors: a typology-based study

Sharon Flanigan, Kirsty Blackstock, Colin John Hunter

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    In recent decades, international studies have improved understanding of how agritourism is practiced. However, studies are founded on a range of definitions based on different combinations of key characteristics, which have been synthesised in our recent typology (Phillip, Hunter, & Blackstock, 2010). The typology provides a foundation for this study, which further develops conceptual understanding of agritourism by integrating empirical understandings of agritourism with the original typology, which was based on the literature. Our revised typology presented here incorporates three discriminating characteristics, which are fundamentally consistent with the original version: the nature of interaction between visitors and agriculture; whether the product is based on a working farm; and whether the visitor experiences authentic working agriculture. This paper makes two important contributions to the agritourism literature: 1) it integrates stakeholder perspectives to the agritourism literature; and 2) it exemplifies and examines one way that the typology can be used to underpin further agritourism research.
    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)394-405
    JournalTourism Management
    Publication statusPublished - Feb 2014


    • Agritourism
    • Farm tourism
    • Provider
    • Visitor
    • Typology
    • Agriculture
    • Working farm
    • Authenticity


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