The synthesis of indium mitride nanoparticles and their use for tuned emission in the near infra-red and visible spectral regions

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Several methods have been developed for the synthesis of nanoparticles of InN. In general, the as- formed material is contaminated with indium metal, which can be removed by washing with dilute HCl followed by I2/THF. These nanoparticles can be capped with GaN to make core-shell materials. Although absorption and emission is observed from some of the materials, detailed studies suggest that the photophysical properties are not related to the InN, but rather to decomposed organic material produced during the high temperature syntheses. By using combination of precursors, it is possible to synthesise nanowires consiting of cores of indium metal surrounded by shells of InN. Washing these core-shell materials with dilute HCl and I2THF produces thick walled nanotubes of InN.
AcronymGR/T03772/01 CHEMISTRY
Effective start/end date1/10/0430/09/06


  • EPSRC: £135,266.00


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