Regino of Prum and his Chronicon

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A study and translation of the last major narrative source of the Carolingian Empire (751-888).

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The Carolingian Empire spanned around a million square kilometres of continental Western Europe in the eighth and ninth centuries. Under the patronage of the Carolingian dynasty and their allies, the period witnessed a surge in the copying of old histories and the writing of new ones. Regino of Prum was the last great historian of the period. His Chronicle runs from the birth of Christ to 906, and places the rise and fall of the empire in a distinctive take on the European past. The work gives great insights into the way that history was written in this period, and also shines a light on contemporary politics, in which Regino himself was a key player. My project involved completing a translation and commentary of the text (and its tenth-century continuation by another author); as well as an original historical analysis which was presented in the introduction to the book and in a separate journal article.

Key findings

Demonstration of the close link between politics and history-writing in the Carolingian period; illumination of key political events at a formative period of European history; illumination of the working methods of an early medieval historian.
Effective start/end date5/02/074/06/07


  • Arts and Humanities Research Council: £20,465.00


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