Efficient low carbon energy storage and conversion on exsolved interfaces

  • Yue, Xiangling (PI)

Project: Fellowship

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Global warming and fossil fuel depleting have urged the development of clean and cheap energy technologies to satisfy the ever-increasing energy demand and net reduction of CO2 emissions. This project seeks to explore and develop the recently discovered exsolution materials in diverse electrochemical devices for efficient energy storage and conversion. This include converting CO2 into value added fuels and producing electricity using practical hydrocarbons or biogas. Innovative material processing approach will be sought to maximise performance, enhance durability as well as lower cost, with efforts being taken to understand the underlying fundamentals regarding exsolution of nanoparticles in the meanwhile.
AcronymLow carbon energy storage
Effective start/end date25/06/1826/07/22


  • EPSRC: £520,367.31


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