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Dr Blaikie and the team of Prof Samuel in the Arclight Project (‐ have created a uniquely low‐cost (£25) Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope (BIO) called the ‘Holo’. The purpose of this proposal is to form a new collaboration between the School of Medicine and the School of Physics and Astronomy to pursue interdisciplinary research to identify how this could be further developed to enable not only diagnosis of eye disease, but also its treatment. Combining expertise in opthamology from the School of Medicine with expertise in lasers and optoelectronics from the School of Physics and Astronomy to identify how the existing opthalmoscope could be modified to make it suitable for laser treatment of debilitating eye disease.
Effective start/end date1/08/2131/07/22


  • STAIRS - St Andrews Interdisciplinary Research Support: £50,203.00


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