Concurso Internacional de Ensayo "José Enrique Rodó"

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Winner of international essay prize "José Enrique Rodó". Rodó was a Latin American essayist, born in Montevideo in 1871 and died in Palermo, Sicily in 1917. He was famous for works on the identity of Latin America, most notably "Ariel" (1900), in which he contrasts the southern "Latin" republics to the northern United States - whose "utilitarian" and materialistic outlook he considered an inappropriate model to follow.

Winner of first prize - publication and US$ 5,000. Announced 15 March 2012; prize giving ceremony July 2012.

Influence and present relevance of the thought of José Enrique Rodó ("Influencia y actualidad del pensamiento de José Enrique Rodó")
Granting OrganisationsSociedad Rodoniana