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Medieval spirituality; Christian monastic spirituality of any era; the Premonstratensians; Bonaventure; Christian mysticism; Roman Catholic reform movements; Mariology.

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Dr. Hyland’s research interests have centered on medieval spirituality, and focused primarily on four orders, namely the Premonstratensians, Benedictines, Camaldolese and Franciscans.  He is very interested in the role of Christian spirituality in the wider phenomena of personal and ecclesiastical reform, as well as in Christian culture. He is also currently working on the writings and influence of St Bonaventure, especially the relationship of scriptural exegesis to his theological and devotional texts. Another area of interest is the history of devotion to the Virgin Mary, including theological, devotional, and liturgical elements. Currently he is studying Mariological themes in the early sermons of Nicholas of Cusa.

Dr Hyland welcomes potential doctoral supervision in any of the above areas, as well as Christian mysticism,  spirituality, and Mariology in any era.

Academic/Professional Qualification


  • PhD Cornell University (1992)
  • M.A. Cornell University (1989)
  • B.A. Emory University (1986)
  • University College, Oxford (1984-5) studied English and Irish Ecclesiastical History.


William Hyland joined the School of Divinity in 2013. He has previously taught at several American universities, including Cornell University (NY), Benedictine College (Kansas), and St Norbert College (Wisconsin), where he was the first Director of the Center for Norbertine Studies and held the Clarence Heidgen Chair of Catholic Studies. He holds a BA from Emory University and an MA and PhD from Cornell University.

Dr Hyland is President of the editorial board of the book series Premonstratensian Texts and Studies (Cistercian Publications). He specializes in Medieval Church history and theology, with a particular focus on monasticism, spirituality, and Mariology.

Dr Hyland is a founding member of the Cusanus Society UK & Ireland, dedicated to exploring the life, times, and thought of the fifteenth-century reformer, theologian and philosopher Nicholas of Cusa. He is also very involved in SAIMS, The St Andrews Institute for Medieval Studies.

Dr Hyland also maintains a blog relating to many of his interests:


Teaching activity


DI2006  The Early and Medieval Church: History, Beliefs and Practices

DI3718 Mary Through the Centuries

DI4525  Medieval Monastic Spirituality

DI4526  Christian Mysticism Through the Ages

DI 5522 Selected Patristic Theologian: Cyprian of Carthage

DI5526  Selected Medieval Theologian: Bonaventure


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