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Timothy Parker Haratine


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My research addresses the nature of evil and sin in dialogue with medieval and contemporary theology. I am specifically interested in the privation theory of evil, the doctrines of original sin and guilt, positive evils, hell, and discussion surrounding the primal choice of sin (i.e., the Fall). The Fall is interesting to me because it provides a clear thought experiment about why agents choose good and evil and how an untainted agent can choose a lesser good or evil.

In my PhD dissertation, I outline and analyze Anselm of Canterbury’s views on goodness, sin, and evil. In particular, I discuss how Anselm's views on goodness and being inform his views on evil and sin; I demonstrate that Anselm provides a nuanced account of original sin and guilt that are informed by his teleology, and that, unlike the majority of the Augustinian tradition within which he stands, Anselm rejects the privation theory of evil and offers subtle yet radical revisions to the doctrine that God is the creator of everything. I also show how Anselm’s views contribute to contemporary discussion of original sin, guilt, and positive evils. My work is one of the first comprehensive surveys and analyses of Anselm’s thought in this respect.

Research interests

I am specifically interested in Analytic Theology, the import of medieval thinkers for contemporary dialogue, and the the metaphysics of goodness, evil, and sin. More generally, I am interested in the doctrine of creation, medieval philosophy, value theory, and metaphysics.

Profile Keywords

Sin, Evil, Anselm, Goodness, Fall, Creation, Augustine, Analytic Theology


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