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Accepting Postgraduate Research Students

PhD projects

1. Firms and Innovation: What is the effect of different types of financing, esp, financing by providers such as venture capital (VC), private equity (PE) firms, angel investors on innovation policy or patenting activity of firms? What is the impact of firm financial policies such as risk management, hedging etc on innovation and patenting?
2. Taxation and Innovation: How do different elements of taxation of venture capital firms, investors, and entrepreneurs affect innovation policy in private and/or public firms?
3. Banking and Innovation: What is the effect of changes in patenting on the quantity and type of loans or financing provided by banks or other financial institutions?
4. Bias in research: What is the effect of cognitive biases on the type and quality of research citations?
5. Mergers and acquisitions: What is the effect of takeover regulation across the world on target shareholders’ returns, on acquirer shareholders’ returns?


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