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Research overview

Distributed systems; Distributed termination; Distributed garbage collection; Database management systems; Software Engineering; Programming language design; Programming language implementation; Persistent programming; Compliant systems architectures

Research interests

My research interests are in the areas of: Software Architecture including programming languages, architecture definition languages, reflective systems; system evolution, process modelling and database management systems; Distributed systems including termination algorithms, garbage collection and distributed object stores; and Global computing including peer-to-peer architectures and pervasive computing.

Current research projects include :

The recently announced ASA grant, 'Secure Location-Independent Autonomic Storage Architectures', investigates location-independent autonomic technology. The aim is to design, implement and evaluate a prototype system of this nature by the following objectives: - to design a secure location-independent autonomic storage architecture, specified in terms of open interfaces - to design and implement a corresponding set of plug-compatible components that provide autonomic storage - to evaluate the architecture and the prototype implementation by deploying it and observing its evolving behaviour under varying loads and usage patterns

Collecting Distributed Garbage using the DMOS Family of Algorithms : The DMOS (Distributed Mature Object Space) garbage collection algorithm provides a unique combination of desirable properties for a distributed collector that avoids global tracing; specifically, DMOS is safe, complete, non-disruptive, incremental, local, independent, decentralised, and asynchronous. It thus has the prerequisites for scalability of incrementality, locality, decentralisation, and asynchrony.

ARCHitecting evolvable softWARE (ArchWare) : ArchWare is an EU project with partners in Annecy (France), Manchester (England), Rome and Pisa (Italy). We have defined a compliant software architecture as one that can be tailored to accommodate the needs of an individual application. As the application evolves, its requirements change and the supporting software components, if compliant, change accordingly to meet these new requirements. The degree of compliance can be measured by the goodness of fit of the supporting architecture to the evolved application.

Other expertise

I have consulted to Pfizer,International Computers Ltd and Redpath Dorman Long Ltd and run regular training courses on various topics for industry.

Industrial relevance

Companies requiring advice with software engineering

Academic/Professional Qualification

Ph.D., University of St Andrews; M.Sc., University of Glasgow; B.Sc., University of Strathclyde; Diploma, Computer Science, University of Glasgow; British Computer Society


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