Paul Peerless Dennis Gifford


  • KY16 9PH

    United Kingdom

Personal profile

Research overview

Modern literature and ideas, particularly in relation to the changing scientific, philosophic, religious and cultural context of the period 1870-1945. He is the author of critical studies in French and English of the poet and thinker Paul Valiry, has edited collections of essays on the problems of personal identity (self and subject) and collective identity, and written books on the problems of love and desire in twentieth-century French writing

Future research

Notions of Love and desire in Thought and Literature. European Identities and their decoding. Genetic study of Paul Valery's 'La Jeune Parque'

Academic/Professional Qualification

MA, University of Cambridge; Dr de 3e Cycle, University of Toulouse; Dr d'Etat es Lettres, University of Toulouse; Licence de Lettres Modernes, Toulouse