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Supervisors: Kevin Scharp, Natalie Ashton, Justin Snedegar, Derek Ball

Key areas of study/interest: Meta-ethics, Feminist Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Social Media

Thesis: My PhD research is on the intersection between Feminist Epsitemology and Meta-ethics. More specifically, I suspect that many of the issues found in mainstream epistemology, which are discussed by feminist epistemologists, may also occur in mainstream meta-ethics (or at least analogous problems). I hope to employ the lessons of feminist epistemology, in combination with existing feminist meta-ethical research, in order to create a feminist critical account of mainstream meta-ethics along these lines.


  • Allen, N.D.C. The misappropriation of “woke”: discriminatory social media practices, contributory injustice and context collapse. Synthese 202, 84 (2023).

Teaching (PhD tutor): 

  • PY1011 Moral and Political Controversies (2019)
  • PY2013 Moral and Aesthetic Value (2020)
  • PY1010 Mind and World (2021)
  • PY2012 Meaning and Knowing (2022)

Organisations: I am a postgraduate member of Arché and CEPPA, and a co-founder of the St Andrews Feminist Philosophy reading group with Lara Jost and Emilia Wilson.

Other: I have an interest in Rambling, and I was an Assistant Warden at St Regulus Hall for three years.

You can contact me at and you'll find my personal website at the following link

Education/Academic qualification

Master of Philosophy, Philosophy, University of Cambridge


Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy (Hons), UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM



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