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Accepting Postgraduate Research Students

PhD projects

1. How different types of information structures affect the behavioural implications of social learning.
2. How information aggregates in sequential markets through public observables and the implication on trading outcomes.
3. How (anti-)transparent public information policy affects social learning and thus social welfare.
4. How to design dynamic trading mechanisms in sequential markets with learning.
5. How different type of behavioural assumptions or bounded rationalities affect social learning.

Personal profile

Research overview

Min’s research interests lie in the broad area of microeconomic theory. In particular, he has been working on both the canonical theories of social learning and their applications to related economic contexts. Some of the existing projects include the study of learning through public observations by market participants, in the context of sequential markets with resale opportunities, on the dynamics of prices and other market characteristics, as well as the study of the optimal policies of public information transparency in the context of rational observational learning.

Research interests

Microeconomics, learning, information economics, auctions, game theory.


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