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My PhD Project focuses on the notion of 'identity' from both a metaphysical and logical point of view. On the metaphysical side, I am interested in the discussion about Leibniz's Principle of the Identity of Indiscernibles (PII). Key questions in the literature are: (1) whether PII is to be understood as a metaphysical principle; (2) whether PII is valid, and if yes, to what extent it is valid; (3) whether a correct interpretation of the principle demands a restriction on the range of properties PII is supposed to quantify over; and (4) whether the extant counter-examples to the principle are indeed possible scenario (in the sense of being part of possible worlds). On the logical side, the main problem with the Identity of Indiscernible is represented by the fact that an extensional version of the principle can be proved in standard ZF(C), which is the usual theory with which we interpret our first- and second-order languages. It follows that, when cast in formal first- or second-order logic, Leibniz's principle is valid, for there is no model capable to portray a scenario violating PII. The issue is then that to construct a new theory that (1) can be used to construct models for standard logical languages, and (2) has the expressive resource to model what in the literature have been called 'utterly indiscernible entities', i.e. entities that cannot be in any way distinguished, and at the same time are distinct from one another.   

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I am also interested in Mereology and Philosophy of Religion.


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