Ian Press

Ian Press


  • KY16 9PH

    United Kingdom

Personal profile

Research overview

European and comparative linguistics (Slavonic, Romance, Finno-Ugric, Baltic and Celtic languages and linguistics); standard languages, lesser-used languages, language maintenance, language death,

Other expertise

I was on the Languages Board of the CNAA for several years in the 1980s. While at London I worked a great deal in the use of computers in language teaching and learning, played a central role in preparing the materials for the Quality Assessment exercise at Queen Mary London in the mid-90s, and was on the Russian Panel for RAE 2001.

I have high competence (the weak point would have to be 'speaking') in the majority of the European languages - to activate my all-round ability by becoming able to communicate well orally and aurally in any of them unavoidably requires a few days' work; and a good-to-high knowledge of several non-European ones. Not to mention quite a few dead languages.

Future research

I have just completed two short grammars, of Lithuanian and Breton, and am about to start work on the final stages of A History of the Russian Language and its Speakers, due to be completed by 31/5/04. I am also working on several articles and on books, due to be completed in 2005, on Comparative Philology and Old Church Slavonic. An update of my 1986 grammar of modern Breton is close to completion but will be set aside during the period of AHRB leave.

Academic/Professional Qualification

BA (1st class Hons), Spanish and Russian, University of London; PhD, University of London; British Association of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies; Association of British Hispanists; Linguistics Association of Great Britain; Philological Society