Ian Campbell Bradley

Ian Campbell Bradley


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Research overview

My research is broadly within the area of Christian spirituality, with a focus on the themes of music and hymnody, water and spas and pilgrimage. I also have substantial research interests in nineteenth century church and cultural history and in the historical development and contemporary practice of Liberal theology

Research interests


Nineteenth century hymnody and church music; the spirituality of water and spas; issues in the history and contemporary application of Liberal Christianity; pilgrimage and spirituality, particularly in a Scottish context.; the spiritual dimension of monarchy and British identity

Other expertise

Regularly consulted by the BBC, the press, churches and researchers in the following areas:

Hymnody; church and state, especially church and monarchy; Scottish spirituality and church history; theology of musical theatre; Victorian Liberalism and philanthropy; Liberal theology

Future research

The spiritual history of water and spas; the church and sacred music of Arthur Sullivan; Nonconformist hymnody. 

Industrial relevance

My work on the spiritual identity of Britishness has been used by the Government and especially the Department for Communities and is regularly quoted on the BBC, especially the Asian Network and Radio 4. I act as an adviser and consultant on hymns and musicals to BBC Songs of Praise, Sunday Half Hour and the Sunday programme. I have been consulted by the Government and by senior royal and ecclesiastical circles about the shape of the next coronation and issues around church, monarchy and state. I am academic adviser to the Community of Aidan and Hilda and also advise the Iona Community. I have been used as a consultant by the Church of Scotland on issues of national identity.

My work on Enlightened Entrepreneurs and Victorian business ethics has been picked up by several contemporary bodies and campaigners in the field of contemporary business ethics.


Academic/Professional Qualification

BA, University of Oxford; MA, University of Oxford; DPhil, University of Oxford; BD, University of St Andrews


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