Glen Alfred Cottrell


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    United Kingdom

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Research overview

Novel ligand-gated ion channels in nerve cells.

Nerve cells communicate by releasing chemical messengers, often referred to as neurotransmitters. Some neurotransmitters exert fast effects (via ligand-gated ion channels) others slow effects (via enzyme coupled receptors). We have recently discovered fast actions of two transmitters hithertoo only thought to produce slow effects: a neuropeptide, FMRFamide, and dopamine. The channels directly gated by these substances are being studied in detail. The peptide gated channel (now cloned) is unique in showing a high selectivity for Na ions and also in being antagonised by another endogenous, related, peptide.

Industrial relevance

pharmaceutical industry;computing: development of software for electrophysiological work

Academic/Professional Qualification

D.Sc., University of Southampton; Ph.D., University of Southampton; B.Sc., University of Southampton; MRC Advisory Board; British Pharmacological Society; Physiological Society