Euan Alexander Grant

Euan Alexander Grant

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Research interests

Mediaeval Theology, particularly the theological anthropology of Thomas Aquinas

Modern Theology, particular the Nouvelle Theologie and its critics, and Radical Orthodoxy and its critics

Theological Anthropology, particularly questions of human finitude, limitation, sin, and grace, and the question of a historical Fall

Natural Theology, particular the question of the role of 'natures' in Christian conceptions of the created order


Dr Euan Grant is the first holder of the newly-revived Gifford Fellowship in Natural Theology at the School of Divinity. In this post, he continues research into theological anthropology and its relationship to scientific treatment of human nature. Previous research focused on questions of original sin, in conversation with the mediaeval tradition, modern theologies (both Radical Orthodoxy and what might be called the ‘neo-scholastic’ revival), and questions raised by the natural sciences. Having spent the past four years working in the interpretation and re-appropriation of Thomas Aquinas, he is expanding his project to take into account pressing questions of the relation of ‘the biological’ and ‘the human’ in Christian theological understandings of human beings. 

Dr Grant completed his doctoral research in St Andrews with Prof Judith Wolfe, following an MLitt in Systematic and Historical Theology and a BA in Oxford. Outside the academy, he has worked in churches in a variety of stipendiary and voluntary positions, and is currently a member of the Vestry and theological representative of the congregation at All Saints’ Church, St Andrews. 

Teaching activity

DI2000 Christian Thought and Practice (with Dr Steve Holmes) 
DI2001 Philosophical Theology (with Prof. Judith Wolfe) 
DI4928 Theological Anthropology (with Prof. Judith Wolfe) 
DI5526 Selected Medieval Theologian: Thomas Aquinas (with Dr George Corbett) 


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