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Research overview

I’m a PhD student at the University of St Andrews, funded by NERC through the IAPETUS2 Doctoral Training Partnership. The title of my project is: ‘Investigating the impact of glacial meltwater plumes in Greenland’s Fjords’. I model ice-ocean interactions to learn how meltwater from the Greenland Ice Sheet is affecting the temperature and salinity of the ocean in fjords.

In addition to my PhD program, I spent four months in Antarctica working with the British Antarctic Survey and the US Antarctic Programme as part of the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration's (ITGC) 2023-2024 field season. I was a member of the Thwaites Interdisciplinary Margin Experiment (TIME) team. The fieldwork involved six weeks in remote locations conducting geophysical experiments on Thwaites Glacier, as well as additional experiments on Eastwind Glacier.

I graduated with a Master of Science in Environmental Geoscience (First Class Honours) from the University of Glasgow in 2023. For my master's thesis, I focused on geochemistry and paleo-oceanography. I used trace element analysis and boron isotope geochemistry to study ocean chemistry by examining shark teeth. This research project was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Hana Jurikova and Dr. James Rae at the University of St Andrews Isotope Group's (STAiG) geochemistry laboratories, and in partnership with Scotland's National Aquarium, Deep Sea World.